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Come in and make yourself at home. The Delaware Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime invites you to join our mystery / crime writers and readers group and to journey through the pages of our website to discover the many exciting activities we offer our members. We are a non-profit organization of mystery lovers serving the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia and environs, southern New Jersey, and Delaware). Please know that you do not need to be a mystery or crime writer, or even an aspiring writer, to join our chapter or to attend one of our meetings.

We are a diverse group of mystery readers as well as writers, and we welcome all. If you would like to join our chapter, please see our Join Us page.

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Upcoming Meetings and Speakers



March 21, 2020: 

On Saturday, March 21, 2020, we will welcome KJ Howe  http://www.kjhowe.com/  as a special guest speaker.  Sisters in Crime National is sponsoring Kim’s visit to Delaware Valley Sisters in Crime.  She will be with us for the entire meeting, presenting writing tips and speaking about her experiences in Kidnap and Ransom 101. 
After spending six years immersed in the world of kidnap and ransom to write The Freedom Broker series, K.J. has become a subject-matter expert in the field, speaking to the world’s top negotiators, former hostages, K&R insurance executives, and other industry experts. Learn how you can integrate kidnapping scenarios in your fiction in an authentic way. She will also be offering practical tips for travelers in a complex world.


Author-member Cindy Callaghan Wins Agatha Award for Best Children’s / YA for Second Year in a Row!


In Loving Memory Robin Hathaway

Robin Hathaway, a beloved member who helped found our chapter in 1995, passed away in February 2013.  Though the written word always seems to fail us in our attempts to honor someone whose friendship we cherished, a few of our members have made valiant efforts with the following tributes.